Friday, 7 October 2016

October 7

In Math we looked at a couple of problems and had to explain how we solved it.  We were focusing on finding different ways to solve the same problem.
In Gym we played Kings Court.  If you get hit with a ball, you go to the other team's jail.  If your team throws you a ball and you can hit someone from the other team, then you get to go back to your team.  If, while you are throwing the ball, you hit someone in the head, you have to go to the jail.
In Writing we did a written response on a selection from our book club books.  We had to write a sample piece of text from our book, and we have to respond to our connection with that piece of text.  We have also started recording the books we are reading.
In Theme we started learning about simple machines.  We talked about the lever today.
We went to the science room and Mrs. Badger came in and did a 6C project with us called Maker Station.  We got to make things out of recycled materials. Mrs. Badger read us a story about Iggy Peck Architect.  Iggy really liked to build things, but he wasn't appreciated until he saved the day.
In Music we played composer scramble.  We each had our own square and when Mr. Bychuk called out a composer and everyone standing on that composer had to move to a new spot.  It's a lot like Musical Chairs.

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