Wednesday, 26 October 2016

October 26

In Gym we played Ghost in the Graveyard.  This involves mats standing up like gravestones.  Mr. Mackenzie turns off the lights and there are 2 people with flashlights who hunt for us.  This is our favourite Halloween game.  In Math we continued with our Multiplication using Arrays sheets.
In Writing we continued to write the story of what we will do when we land on our islands. In French we started working on our play "Un Jour Bizzarre".  Our first job is to learn the first 6 lines of the script.  Including the gestures.  Ms Pattie gave us a QR code so we can scan and watch the lines at home.  In Theme we continued working on our presentations for our First Nations group to present to the class.  Some of us have started our good copies of our illustrations.  We'll be ready to take pictures of them and record our message for our presentation.  In Music we played on the instruments again.  We learned a new song.  Tomorrow is our day to dress like a Rock Star - in support of Mission to Mexico.  Everyone should bring Toonies.

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