Wednesday, 19 October 2016

October 19

In Gym we were doing some skipping.  We worked on jumping in one spot.  We played turtle tag too.  We also started yellow card games. We read with our grade one buddies for the first time today.  Some of our buddies are already really good readers.  In writing we started a web about jobs on our island.  We turned the web into a piece of writing about all the jobs that would need to be done on our island when we first land.  In Music, we learned a song on the instruments.  We also did something called switch.  When Mr Bychuk called switch, everyone had to move to the next instrument.  We also sang Happy Birthday to one of our classmates.  Those people in intramurals, had their first ball hockey game today.  Mrs. Danyluk came and talked to us about being friends and not teasing if both sides don't find it funny.

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