Tuesday, 25 October 2016

October 25

Today's spirit week theme was dress like a nerd - focus on math and science for Mexico.  We had a substitute this morning. It was Ms K.  In Math we continued working on arrays for longer multiplication.  We had sheets to work on today.  In Music we played on the instruments.  We learned a new song: E is for Evening. We had library today, we were able to take out three books.  In French, Ms K quizzed us on the gestures for French words.  We also played our number game.
In Theme we are starting to work on Aboriginal information.  We are planning what we will do on the ipads.  In handwriting, we worked on the lower case alphabet.  Tomorrow for spirit week we should wear Red, White and Green; the colours of Mexico's flag.  We have almost raised $25 for school supplies for Mexico.

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