Friday, 23 September 2016

September 23

We had our first problem solving class today.  We did practice problems that got harder and harder as we went along.  One of the problems was really hard.  Using 10 cards, we have to order them so that when you flip them alternating, they come out in order.  In writing today, most of us finished our good copy of our letters to Ms Pattie.  These are now due and should be handed in.  We had to add and remove things during revision.  We also had to make sure that it was neatly printed.
We had our first substitute for part of the morning, before lunch.  We continued working on the rough copies of our island maps.  On Monday we will start our good copies.  In French, we started a new mystery.  In this mystery the class' identity cards get shredded.  Luc Têtu, dropped his card, Hugo tried to tell him, but he wasn't listening.  He had to provide all his information to the computerized door.  We are having our second fire drill today - sometime before the end of the day.

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