Thursday, 29 September 2016

Book Review Criteria

Book Review Criteria Room 12, 2016
As a class, we created this criteria for completing our book reviews. This is what Ms Pattie will use when she marks it.
Title and Author Neat, Capitals, Underlined, spelling
all parts are there
missing 1-2 parts
3-4 parts missing
Body - has a hook to begin, writer makes a connection to the book, a summary 6-8 sentences. Don’t give too much away
all parts are there
missing either hook or connection
summary is too short or too long

Missing hook or connection and the summary is too short or too long
Cliff Hanger
2 questions that leave the reader wondering
only one question that leave the reader wondering

recommend this book to an age group, a grade and to people who like particular genre of books
recommends to only two of them
recommends to only one
Has checked spelling, capitals, and grammar. Good idea to have someone else check it too.
two of these have been checked, but mistakes in one area
only one has been checked, mistakes in the other two areas
Neatness - is it readable, is the paper clean,
Name - did you put your name on it?
IPick you chose a good fit book for yourself
length - is your review about 3/4 of a page long?
Total marks available for each book review is 20. 

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