Tuesday, 16 February 2016

February 12

Today was an awesome day.  We had a sub.  First we had math.  We answered questions off of a sheet.  Then we had gym.  We played full-court basketball.  We had the option to do a half-court game but we chose the full-court game.  After recess we had writing.  We continued our Lake Winnipeg stories.  After that it was lunch.  We had indoor recess.  Then we got together with our book clubs.  We did 3 say-somethings.  Then we did our written responses.  After we did agendas.  Ms. Winitski is reading "Masterminds" to us.  After recess we are going to have our mini-Valentines day celebration.

Don't forget to bring in the Middle School Registrations.  They are due on the 16th.

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