Thursday, 9 February 2017

February 9

Today in gym, we practiced serving with a tennis racket and a partner. There was grade 5 intramural for the girls. We played Gladiator Ball. Today in Class Meeting we talked about kindness and the amount of disrespect and talking back in class. We talked about what we were thankful for and what we wanted to change in class. Miss Pattie is reading us a book called Secrets of Bearhaven. In Energy Miss Pattie gave us a partner and with our partner we read a book about certain types of books about energy.  Then we talked about the book and wrote about it.
In theme we had a word bank about the history of New France and we had to write a story about it with the words in the bank, we had to try to make it true! Today Miss Pattie talked about our report cards and that we don't need to stress about it and what you get is good, no matter what.
In French we did another vocabulary test.  We got our previous ones handed back. If the test we got had a sticker, that means we are improving! We also practiced the script. Miss Pattie also talked to us about our islands and crops. She talked about that if we all grew strawberries and we had some left over then we would not be able to trade with others because everyone already had them.
Today we all had indoor recess except for last recess.

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